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Our Vision

Our vision is nothing less than to become a household name right across New Zealand for all the right reasons. To be the company that is always at the forefront of the industry, continually transforming not only the way real estate is practised, but changing the very way people view the industry.


Yes, we have a vision, but that means today we take action. From our clients, to our colleagues and even our competitors, we believe in our ability to impact our industry positively at every opportune moment. We believe in excellence right across the board. That means completing the big tasks; but we won’t forget the details. That means taking on feedback, admitting when we make mistakes; but more importantly, learning from them. That means an intent focus on the task at hand; but the freedom to smile, relax and have the liberty to be creative, innovative and of course enjoy the journey.

Our Values

  1. Integrity beyond convenience
  2. Human connection supported by digital technology
  3. Professional service inspired by creative thinking
  4. Upskill to simplify
  5. Action from rest
  6. No Bull

Relationship vs Framework

It's simple really, your role is to build great relationships. Our job is to create a framework to support you in that. It is surprising how often this is overlooked.

Our Framework will allow you to:

-Meet more people.
-Build stronger relationships.
-Give more meaningful information.
-Manage your time more efficiently.
-Sell more houses.

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Framework Framework Framework

So what should a good real estate framework look like?

Our systems will save you time

-Automated vendor reports & client side interaction
-Pipeline system with step by step tasks, reminders & REAA compliance monitoring
-Integration with automated email systems with auto-content creation
-Geographical mapping tools to help manage your lead generation
-Integrated open home app & digital listing forms (coming soon)

Hear it straight from
the horses mouth

Here are just a few of our team members experiences partnering with Trinity Network.

Just click the videos and hear what they have to say.

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Our calculations are based on Real Estate Consulting NZ's national average agency rates.

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