It started when Ben (the founder of the Trinity Network) first started out in Real Estate.  It didn’t take him long to discover that the industry lagging behind in a number of areas during the sale process.  However, Ben loved Real Estate and so instead of accepting the status quo, he set out on a path to change the industry from the inside out.   Working for one of the larger companies, he soon realised that in order to have the impact that he wanted to have it would take more than just selling houses.  After 2 years, he made the decision to join another company where he had the opportunity to build his own team.

Working at this new company provided some great opportunities to start impacting his local area, but restricted under another brand he still didn’t have the freedom to make all the changes he thought were needed.  Fast forward another 3 years, and the Trinity Network was born.

Ben took the time to listen to what the industry was crying out for.  He started a fresh and instead of trying to change the direction of the titanic, he decided it was better to build the boat from the ground up.  Ben had the vision to create a company where relationship and connection were part of the DNA, not just a tag line to get business. Technology is utilised as a core aspect of the sale process and the commission structure is a ‘win win’ for everyone.

In addition the Trinity Network offers more than just Real Estate Sales,  we also offer Property Management, Mortgages and Insurance services.

The Trinity Network is not bogged down by ‘the way things should be done’ and has no intention of just being your average company.  It doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel, but we can listen, we are adaptable and it’s time to shake things up!