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All your home buying services, under one roof

Trinity Network brings you more services, more savings and better technology

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Real Estate

The full Real Estate Service, including Auctions


Property Management

More time for you to do the things you love.



Free home loan advice and refinancing



We're a neutral third party ensuring the best fit for you.


More Savings

We've developed a commission structure for Real Estate that saves you thousands of dollars, yet remains attractive enough to appeal to the top agents. It's a win for everyone!

House Value Higher Commission Rate Example Our Commission Savings
$400,000 $16,428 $11,500 $4,928
$800,000 $25,628 $20,585 $5,043
$1,200,000 $34,828 $28,856 $5,963
Our Commission Structure

Commission Calculator


Trinity Network Commission based on a rate of 2.5% up to $500,000 and 1.8% thereafter of purchase price + GST.

The Higher Rate Commission Example is based on a calculation of 3.95% on the first $300,000 of sale price + an amount equivalent to 2% of the balance of the sale price + a $500 admin fee + GST. We do not claim that the Higher Rate Commission Example is based on any actual, average or standard charge made by other real estate companies and you may not rely on the calculation as representing actual commission fees charged by other companies. It is up to you to research actual rates that might be available from other companies as they can vary between companies, within branches and between individual agents. The commission table and Higher Rate example are provided for comparison purposes only to help you quickly assess potential savings by proceeding with Trinity and Trinity Network does not accept responsibility or liability if actual savings or other companies commission rates vary from the examples given. For more information about commission rates please contact


Better Technology

At the Trinity Network we have a significant focus on technology, innovation and creativity. We’re improving communications, introducing 360 degree video and paperless application processes. Find out what we’re doing to shake up the industry!

Our Technology

For a large corporation to adapt is like trying to change the direction of the titanic, it takes time.  Sometimes it's simply better to build the boat from the ground up, it doesn't mean re-inventing the wheel but there are real opportunities to use better, more adaptable systems.  That's where the Trinity Network comes in.

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