We’re all about creating connection and building relationships.  Part of that means genuinely listening to you and your needs.  If you were to create your own real estate company, does this sound like something you might do?


Our loyalties lie with the Vendor.  As much as we honour the purchaser and will do everything to help them too, it is the vendor who has contracted us to sell their house and it is therefore our duty to negotiate on their behalf.


Part of that means making the process as smooth as possible for buyers and sellers. We identified the 4 core services that would help the most and streamlined them under the one umbrella.  Real Estate Sales, Property Management (we do rental appraisals at no cost on every property we sell), Mortgages and Insurance.


We’re up to date with the latest technology and business models meaning we can save you thousands of dollars in commission without reneging on the level of service we provide.  That’s anywhere up to and even beyond $10,000 in savings!  You will also notice the ease of access to information about our properties too.


We’re also establishing a wider network of related industry services designed to make your life easier.  Everything from photographers, home stagers and cleaning services to tradesmen, lawyers and furniture removal companies.  If you’re happy with our service, you should be happy with theirs too.  If not, let us know.

Quality over Quantity

We are not interested in a ‘bums on seats’ policy.  That means you know we’ve carefully selected every salesperson who shares our values and are motivated by people, not making a quick sale.

We would love to hear your feedback and touch base.  Get in touch here.