We’ve done some research and discovered that the key to good property management relies on 5 key ideas.  And what’s more, if you read right through to the end, you’ll find that they may include you!


As a Property Manager, it’s our job to not only have a good relationship with the Landlord, but it’s also vital to be on good terms with the tenant too.  That means building trust, recognising the importance of listening to both parties and understanding their needs.  In doing so we are able to form a connection that helps everyone to work in unison, not against each other.


One of the biggest areas where systems begin to break down in Property Management is due to a lack of communication.  Recognising this we have made communication one of our top priorities.  As a landlord you will receive regular updates on your property, reports on how it is tracking and we’ll make sure there is nothing you don’t know about your investment.  As a tenant we will take the time to make sure you understand everything there is to know about the property during our pre-tenancy induction.  And to both parties we will go above and beyond in our availability and ensuring that your needs are met.

Time Management

Where other Property Managers over stock and fall behind in their ability to provide a high standard of service, we excel.  It’s our guarantee that our team will always have the time to carry out inspections, organise timely repairs and maintenance and of course keep you up to date along the way.  How can we do this?  We use the latest software and a team structure that enables our Property Managers to focus on the important details while our admin staff looks after the rest.  Need more details?  Just ask.


Let’s be honest, this one makes all the difference to the Landlord.  If a tenant not only pays their rent on time but also looks after the property like it’s their own, you’re onto a winner.  Obviously there is no way to guarantee this, life gets in the way of even the most well intended person.  However, we can guarantee that we will do detailed checks on every applicant including a credit check, following up with previous landlords, employers and following up on additional references…every time.


Oh you thought you didn’t have a role to play?  Don’t worry, it won’t take much of your time, but it certainly helps make for a good management.   Landlords who understand that there will be general wear and tear of their property and are willing to contribute to the upkeep of the property financially will benefit more than they realise.  We’re not necessarily talking excessive amounts and of course we will manage the process and take it off your hands, but just think of it this way…if your property is well maintained, you’ll attract higher quality tenants and that can only be a good thing.