“People don’t do business with organisations, people do business with people”. The risk management business is no different. The reality is that there are no significant differences between the various risk mitigation providers. The value is actually found in the level of service and advice that the Insurance Adviser offers.

If you go direct to the company, well you know they’re going to push their product on you, even if it’s not your best option.  Not to mention, it takes a lot of time to call a range of different companies.   It’s often a difficult path to navigate and so many people end up putting it in the too hard basket.

However, with the right contacts and good advice, we can help put together excellent one off deals and even better packages tailored to our client’s needs.  We’re also a neutral party so you know we’re putting you first.

Our advisers have many years’ experience in business, finance and insurance so that we are able to use our wealth of knowledge to provide a personalised service that identifies the right product for our customers.

Here’s what we do:

  • We work with our customers to select solutions from a range of insurers, tailoring policies to suit.
  • We make certain that they only purchase what is required and when necessary, save through package deals.
  • We explain the policies carefully to ensure they understand what they are purchasing and that they will deliver to our customers’ expectations should a claim arise.

Of course that’s just the tip of the ice berg, this is a website so we don’t want to bore you with the details.  If you want to experience the Trinity Network service, we are but a phone call away.