“Hey that’s my stuff!” Insurance

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Fire & General Insurance

Fire and General Insurance includes all home, contents, car and boat covers for loss or damage and ensures you will not be disadvantaged if the unexpected happens.

Home & Contents Insurance

Home Insurance covers your house if it’s damaged or destroyed by a sudden, unintended and unforeseen event. Contents Insurance covers your contents if they are damaged or destroyed by a sudden, unintended and unforeseen event, or if they’re stolen.

Vehicle & Boat Insurance

Covers your vehicle or your boat if it’s damaged or destroyed by a sudden, unintended and unforeseen event, or if it’s stolen.  Your vehicle’s accessories or spare parts are also insured while they’re temporarily removed for repairing, cleaning or storage.


“Watch out…Bus!” Insurance

Mortgages Line

Life Cover

Life Cover provides a one off payment in the event of your death. If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness you may choose to have your benefit paid out early, allowing you to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Trauma Cover

When your health has been seriously affected by a critical illness, Trauma Cover provides a lump sum payment that allows you to focus on your recovery. The payment can be used for any purpose – including reducing debt, covering living expenses, paying for alternative treatments or a holiday to recuperate.

Total & Permanent Disability Cover

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Cover provides a lump sum payment of up to $5m if you are permanently disabled due to illness or accident and are unlikely to work again. The payment will help you fund your living expenses, such as mortgage repayments, childcare or medical expenses.

Mortgage or Rent Payment Protection

Mortgage and Rent Cover helps you protect your home if you’re unable to make mortgage or rental payments due to you becoming totally disabled and unable to work.

Income Protection

Income Protection provides you with a monthly benefit if you are unable to work due to disability from sickness or an injury.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance provides you with high levels of insurance to cover the rising costs of surgical and medical treatments available privately in New Zealand.


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Mortgages Line

Key Person Insurance

Life insurance owned by a business entity on the life of a key individual that will, in the event of their death, offset a loss in earnings and provide the funds necessary to find, hire, and develop a replacement.

Group Insurance Schemes

Commonly used to provide employees and members of associations with low cost, life, health, disability and similar types of coverage.

Asset Protection

This provides for full replacement and repair to commercial property and assets if the assets are stolen or damaged by accidental.

Debt Cover

This is designed primarily to protect the business owner and their family from outstanding debts and guarantees should they become totally and permanently disabled, suffer a trauma or meet with an untimely death.

Buy-Sell Arrangements

An agreement by which each principal agrees that, in the event of their death, their estate will sell its interest back to the business entity for a predetermined amount. This agreement is usually funded by life insurance.

Business Interruption Insurance

Commercial insurance that protects the owner of a business from revenue losses suffered during the period a business must stay closed while the premises are being restored because of physical damage.