The Vision

Our vision is nothing less than to become a household name right across New Zealand for all the right reasons. To be the company that is always at the forefront of the industry, continually transforming not only the way real estate is practised, but changing the very way people view the industry.

Yes, we have a vision, but that means today we take action. From our clients, to our colleagues and even our competitors, we believe in our ability to impact our industry positively at every opportune moment. We believe in excellence right across the board. That means completing the big tasks; but we won’t forget the details. That means taking on feedback, admitting when we make mistakes; but more importantly, learning from them. That means an intent focus on the task at hand; but the freedom to smile, relax and have the liberty to be creative, innovative and of course enjoy the journey.

The Mission

At the Trinity Network our aim is to be the real estate company with a reputation that exceeds our size. We want to be known for our focus on connection and relationship rather than the dollars in the bank. We don’t just want to talk about our trust, honesty and transparency, we want to display it through our actions. Our ambition is to provide the highest standard of service with excellent marketing and personal attention. We will maintain a high level of integrity and ultimately aim to achieve success that results in happy clients, customers, repeat business and referrals.